my account apparently has “suspicious activity”

and I try to reset my password, and it says the email isn’t registered with them

then hotmail says the email doesn’t exist 

wat do

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people are still following this

it’s now

and I am going to delete this soon

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dude I keep getting emails from people starting to follow this blog and reblogging my stuff

new blog =

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switched blogssssssssssss

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Switched blogs

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Switched blogs

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Switched blogs

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ok I really cannot handle having three blogs. this, princessofhyrule and kh/zeldaconfessions

I am going to move poesbeforehoes to princessofhyrule. should I keep the princessofhyrule URL or change it to poesbeforehoes. and I will follow you all again on it

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nicole is doing confessions


i love you baby

i’ve done so much i need a break

i love you


I could not really do them because my sister was in all weekend for her birthday SORRY ILU

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